tattooing is arguably one of the most creative, expressive industries in the world and I couldn’t find a single tattoo skincare brand that really did the art-form justice.

there was an undeniable gap in the market for a quality, premium skincare line made for the modern times - one that understood culture, the needs and technicalities of tattooed skin but also understood the big picture - a brand that understood the values around transparency, sustainability, cruelty-free practices, and natural ingredients. that was really what inspired me - knowing we could do better. and that’s what I wanted to bring to the table.

I wanted to take on that challenge in order to really elevate the tattoo market in all realms. today, 48% of people have at least one tattoo - it is becoming less and less of an anomaly burdened with stereotypes and judgements and I really wanted to create a brand that was synonymous with what modern tattoo culture looks like and make the brand a voice that was aligned with the needs and wants of the modern consumer